[80% Off]Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning In Python Coupon

Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning In Python Coupon

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Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning In Python Coupon

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Course Details

Harness The Power Of Machine Learning For Unsupervised & Supervised Learning In Python

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Offer: 80% discount
  3. Total Ratings: 4.5
  4. Organization: Udemy
  5. Course Lenght: 6 hours on-demand video

What You will learn from this course?

  1. Harness The Power Of Anaconda/iPython For Practical Data Science
  2. Read In Data Into The Python Environment From Different Sources
  3. Carry Out Basic Data Pre-processing & Wrangling In Python
  4. Implement Unsupervised/Clustering Techniques Such As k-means Clustering
  5. Implement Dimensional Reduction Techniques (PCA) & Feature Selection
  6. Implement Supervised Learning Techniques/Classification Such As Random Forests In Python
  7. Neural Network & Deep Learning Based Classification

About Course Instructor

Minerva Singh had completed a PhD (University of Cambridge, UK) in 2017 where she focussed on implementing data science techniques for quantifying the impact of forest loss on tropical ecosystems. she hold an MPhil (School of Geography and Environment) and an MSc (Department of Engineering) from Oxford University. minerva singh have more than 10 year’s experience in conducting academic research (published in high level peer-reviewed international scientific journals such as PLOS One) and advising both non-governmental and industry stakeholders in data science, deep learning and earth observation (EO) related topics.

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