CKAD Certification Coupon: $100 Off Bundle + Extra 25% Off

CKAD coupon

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) is the most sought-after developer certification for kubernetes. It is the official kubernetes developer certification from the Linux Foundation. With the CKAD certification coupon, you could save up to $163 on the certification and training bundle.

CKAD certification will give you a strong operating knowledge of Kubernetes, including how to deploy a containerized application and manipulate resources via the API.

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Get a $60 discount on CKAD certification exam registration.

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15% Off CKAD Coupon

Use coupon “DCUBEOFFER” to get an extra 16% off on the Kubernetes certification exam and course.

For Black Friday you could get up to a $150 discount on the CKAD certification bundle using an exclusive CKAD voucher code

If you are looking for a CKA coupon, see the CKA exam coupon code. For CKS, see the CKS exam coupon. For others, check Linux Foundation coupon

CKAD Offer Details

Get coupons with a $100 discount on this Kubernetes Certification (CKA) certification and course using ecoursedeals exclusive offer.

CKAD Course Details

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Original Price: $599
  3. Offer Price: $499
  4. Total Reviews: 545
  5. Organization: Linux Foundation

Who It’s For:

Developers and system administrators who want to learn how to develop, deploy and administrate Kubernetes.

About Course Instructor

Linux Foundation is the go-to source for training on virtually every aspect of Linux and many other open source technologies.


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