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You will go through one of the most significant new features in C++20, which is Concepts. Concepts allow you to create compiler-checked criteria for template parameters, revolutionizing the way you think about and develop generic code.

C++ Concepts: Improve Type Safety with C++ 20– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from C++ Concepts: Improve Type Safety with C++ 20

1. Introduction

  1. Getting Started
  2. Why C++ Concepts?

2. The Concept Behind C++ Concepts

  1. Use of Concepts
  2. Motivation Behind C++ Concepts
  3. Templates in C++
  4. Quiz on C++ Templates
  5. Highlights

3. Four Ways to use Concepts in Functions

  1. The Four Ways to Use Concepts
  2. The <requires> Clause
  3. Challenge – GCD of Two Integers Using the <requires> Clause
  4. Solution: GCD of Two Integers Using the <requires> Clause
  5. The Trailing <requires> Clause

4. C++ Concepts with Classes

  1. Introduction
  2. The Requires Clause
  3. Challenge: Implement a Pair Class Using Requires Clause
  4. Solution: Implement KeyPair Class Using <requires> Clause

5. Concepts Shipped with the C++ Standard Library

  1. Concepts in the <concepts> Header – I
  2. Concepts in the <concepts> Header (cont.)
  3. Concepts in the <iterator> Header
  4. Concepts in the <ranges> Header

6. How to Write Your Own C++ Concepts

  1. Introduction
  2. Negations Using Concepts
  3. Subsumption and Negations
  4. Challenge: Fix the Code

7. How to Use C++ Concepts in Real Life

  1. Use Cases for Numbers
  2. Utility Functions Constrained
  3. Multiple Destructors with C++ Concepts
  4. Multiple Destructors with C++20
  5. Challenge: Container Class with Multiple Destructors

8. Summary

  1. Final Words
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