[40% OFF]C++ Programming for Experienced Engineers Coupon-Educative.io

C++ Programming for Experienced Engineers Coupon-Educative.io

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If you’re looking to sharpen up your C++ programming skills, then you’re in the right place. You will start with learning about dynamic memory allocation, how to create classes, and constructors.

C++ Programming for Experienced Engineers– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from C++ Programming for Experienced Engineers

1. Getting Off the Ground

  1. Why This Course?
  2. Getting started with C++
  3. Digging Deep into C++

2. Starters

  1. US Currency Teller
  2. Curious Numbers
  3. Fibonacci Sequence
  4. Count Sundays

3. Basic C++ Examples

  1. Primitive Data Types
  2. Process the Array
  3. Dynamic Arrays
  4. Swap Numbers
  5. Absolute Value

4. Class Organization Examples

  1. Number Class with Methods defined Inside it
  2. Number Class with Methods defined Outside it
  3. Number Class Definition with Separate Files
  4. Theory: Class Libraries
  5. Number Class in a Statically Linked Library
  6. Number Class in a Dynamically Linked Library

5. Class Constructor Examples

  1. Default Constructors
  2. Illustrate Construction of Object
  3. Illustrate Construction vs. SetData()
  4. Multiple Constructors
  5. Demonstrate Optional Constructors

6. Classes and Objects Examples

  1. Complex Numbers Class
  2. Matrix Class
  3. Solid Class
  4. Shape Class
  5. Time Class

7. More Classes and Objects Examples

  1. Dynamic Array Class
  2. Rectangle Class
  3. Matrix Class (Singular or Orthogonal)
  4. Polynomial Class
  5. Polynomial Class Extension

8. Function Examples

  1. Sample Class with Three Functions
  2. Track Number of Objects
  3. Singleton Class
  4. Display Function for Multiple Objects
  5. Inline Functions

9. Function Overloading Examples

  1. Find Absolute Values
  2. Sort Arrays
  3. Random Function
  4. Min and Max Functions
  5. Byte Class

10. Operator Overloading Examples

  1. Index Class with Pre and Post Increment Operators
  2. Distance Class with > and < Operators
  3. Complex Class with a + Operator
  4. Complex Class Query
  5. Complex Class with a Friend Function
  6. Complex Class with >> and << Operators

11. Free Store Examples

  1. 2D Dynamic Array with Fixed Column Sizes
  2. Jagged 2D Dynamic Array with Variable Column Sizes
  3. Sample Class to Avoid Memory Leaks
  4. Functions for Dynamic Memory Management

12. Inheritance Examples

  1. Theory: Goal of Inheritance
  2. Inheritance between Index and Index1 Class
  3. Sequence for Calling Constructors
  4. Object Sizes in Multi level Inheritance
  5. MultipIe Inheritance Using Rectangle Class

13. Virtual Function Examples

  1. Pure virtual Draw( ) Function
  2. Theory: Polymorphism in C++
  3. Binding of Virtual Functions

14. Input Output Examples

  1. ios Formatting Flags
  2. Usage of Standard Manipulator
  3. User-defined Manipulators
  4. File IO of Numeric and String Data
  5. File IO of String Data
  6. File IO of Employee Records

15. Template Examples

  1. Templated Array Class
  2. Templated mySwap( ) Function
  3. Templated Queue Class
  4. Templated Stack Implementation

16. Exception Handling Examples

  1. Standard Exceptions Demo
  2. User-defined Exception Class
  3. Termination Handler
  4. Catch Block Example

17. STL Examples

  1. STL Based Vector Collection
  2. STL Based Linked List Collection
  3. STL Based Telephone Book
  4. Usage of Bitset STL Container

18. Miscellaneous Examples

  1. SmartPointer that Iterates through a Container
  2. Overloaded -> Operator in a SmartPointer Class
  3. Pointer to Member Operators
  4. Conversions using a Static_cast Syntax

19. Conclusion

  1. What You Have Learned

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