[40% OFF]C++ Fundamentals for Professionals Coupon-Educative.io

C++ Fundamentals for Professionals Coupon-Educative.io

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C++ is a common first choice for software developers when optimal performance and high safety are necessary. Learning the rich core language and the many libraries, however, can be a neverending story. This course has one goal: ending that story.

C++ Fundamentals for Professionals– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from C++ Fundamentals for Professionals

1. Core Language

  1. History

2. Literals

  1. Literals
  2. User-Defined Literals
  3. C++14 Built-In Literals
  4. – Solutions

3. Types

  1. Scoped Enumerations
  2. – Example
  3. Pointers
  4. Null Pointer
  5. References

4. Automatic Type Deduction

  1. Automatic Type Deduction: auto
  2. Refactorization with auto
  3. Automatic Type Deduction: decltype
  4. Automatic Return Type

5. Casts

  1. Explicit Cast
  2. Dynamic Cast
  3. Static Cast
  4. Const Cast

6. Unified Initialization

  1. Unified Initialization with {}
  2. – Examples
  3. – Exercise
  4. – Solution

7. const, constexpr, and volatile

  1. Const
  2. Constant Expressions: constexpr
  3. – Examples
  4. – Exercises
  5. Volatile
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