[40%OFF]Write Professional Command-line Programs in Go Coupon-Educative.io

Write Professional Command-line Programs in Go Coupon-Educative.io

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The focus is on command-line programs in order to keep the course down to earth, but most of the principles and best practices you will learn apply to any Go program.

Write Professional Command-line Programs in Go– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Overview

  1. What’s a Command-Line Program?
  2. Why Go?
  3. Lightning Quick Introduction to Go
  4. Ten Popular Go Projects
  5. Introducing Multi-git 0.1

2. Restructuring multi-git

  1. The foundations of a Go Program
  2. Creating the Directory Structure
  3. Refactoring the Core Logic
  4. Adding a Helpers Package
  5. Refactoring the Command-Line interface

3. Testing 1,2,3…

  1. Introducing the Built-in Go Testing Support
  2. Running Go Tests
  3. Checking Test Coverage

4. Adding Smart Command-Line Parsing

  1. Introduction to Cobra
  2. Comparing Cobra to Alternatives
  3. Working with Cobra – The Root Command
  4. Working with Cobra – The Sub-commands

5. Adding Advanced Configuration

  1. Understanding Program Configuration
  2. Taking Advantage of Sophisticated Configuration
  3. Introduction to Viper
  4. Viper and Environment Variables
  5. Locating Configuration Files
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