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In this course you will learn why Go is an awesome language for writing command-line programs. You will learn how to structure your Go programs, how to write idiomatic Go code, how to test your programs and how to amaze your users, peers and managers.

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Overview

  1. What’s a Command-Line Program?
  2. Why Go?
  3. Lightning Quick Introduction to Go
  4. Ten Popular Go Projects

2. Restructuring multi-git

  1. The foundations of a Go Program
  2. Creating the Directory Structure
  3. Refactoring the Core Logic
  4. Adding a Helpers Package
  5. Refactoring the Command-Line interface

3. Testing 1,2,3…

  1. Introducing the Built-in Go Testing Support
  2. Running Go Tests
  3. Checking Test Coverage

4. Adding Smart Command-Line Parsing

  1. Introduction to Cobra
  2. Comparing Cobra to Alternatives
  3. Working with Cobra – The Root Command
  4. Working with Cobra – The Sub-commands
  5. Working with Cobra – Flags

5. Adding Advanced Configuration

  1. Understanding Program Configuration
  2. Taking Advantage of Sophisticated Configuration
  3. Introduction to Viper
  4. Viper and Environment Variables
  5. Locating Configuration Files
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