[40% OFF]Run Selenium Java Tests In Azure DevOps Coupon-Educative.io

Run Selenium Java Tests In Azure DevOps Coupon-Educative.io

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We all write automated tests using Selenium WebDriver and Java. While developing and testing our automation code, we run it locally on our computers. Others should be able to change or run the code as well.

Run Selenium Java Tests In Azure DevOps– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Introduction

  1. Why Should You Take This Course?
  2. Course Prerequisites
  3. Why Azure DevOps?
  4. Why Java?
  5. Course Structure

2. The Selenium Automation Project

  1. Project Information
  2. Define the Test Cases
  3. The Test Class
  4. The Base Test Class
  5. Test Classes Quiz
  6. Page Object Template
  7. HomePage Class
  8. ResultsPage Class
  9. Page Object Classes Quiz

3. The Automation Framework

  1. What is in the Automation Framework?
  2. DriverFactory Class
  3. LogWriter Class
  4. ScreenshotWriter Class
  5. How to Take Screenshots and Exceptions
  6. Listener Code
  7. Automation Framework Quiz

4. Run The Automated Tests in Local Browsers

  1. How to Execute Automated Tests With Maven
  2. Execute Passing Tests in Command Prompt
  3. Do it yourself

5. Run The Automated Tests in Docker Containers

  1. Why Run Selenium Tests in Docker Containers?
  2. Create the Dockerfile for the Test Container
  3. Create the image of the JAVA test container
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