[40% OFF]A Complete Guide to Java Programming Coupon-Educative.io

A Complete Guide to Java Programming Coupon-Educative.io

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This course is your detailed guide to the fundamentals of the Java programming language. This course will get you on the fast track to becoming a proficient and modern Java developer.

A Complete Guide to Java Programming– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Java, a High Level Language with a Purpose

  1. Who Should Take This Course?
  2. Introduction to Programming Languages
  3. High Level to Machine Language
  4. Memory Allocation: Heap and Stack
  5. Quiz Yourself on Java Basics

2. How Java Programming Works

  1. POP vs. OOP
  2. Java Program is Written Within a Class
  3. Quiz Yourself on POP and OOP Concepts

3. Objects and Data Types

  1. Objects: Characteristics
  2. Variables in Java
  3. Primitive Data Types: Part 1
  4. Primitive Data Types: Part 2
  5. Solution Review: Compute the Sum

4. Variables: The Name of a Field

  1. Types of Variables: Part 1
  2. Types of Variables: Part 2
  3. Quiz Yourself on Variables
  4. Challenge: Declaring Class Attributes
  5. Solution Review: Declaring Class Attributes
  6. Challenge: Reference and Local Variables
  7. Solution Review: Reference and Local Variables

5. Arrays: The Container Objects

  1. An Array in Disarray
  2. Arrays: An Introduction
  3. Array Examples: Part 1
  4. Array Examples: Part 2
  5. Array Examples: Part 3
  6. Array Examples: Part 4
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