[40%OFF]Docker for Rails Developers Coupon-Educative.io

Docker for Rails Developers Coupon-Educative.io

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You will then work to get your Dockerized setup to play nice with JavaScript, using both the standard asset pipeline and webpacker, Rails’ newest approach for integrating modern JavaScript front ends.

Docker for Rails Developers– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Introduction

  1. Who is this Course for?
  2. Why Use Docker for Rails?

2. A Brave New World

  1. Basic Concepts — Images and Containers
  2. Running a Ruby Script Without Ruby Installed
  3. Generating a New Rails App Without Ruby Installed
  4. Docker Architecture
  5. Quick Recap
  6. Quiz: A Brave New World

3. Running a Rails App in a Container

  1. How Do We Run Our Rails App?
  2. Dockerfile Creation and Explanation
  3. Defining Our First Custom Image
  4. Running a Rails Server with Our Image
  5. Quick Recap
  6. Quiz: Running a Rails App in a Container

4. Fine-Tuning Our Rails Image

  1. A Default Command
  2. .dockerignore File
  3. The Image Build Cache
  4. Caching Issues
  5. Quick Recap
  6. Quiz: Fine-Tuning Our Rails Image

5. Describing Our App Declaratively with Docker Compose

  1. Getting Started with Compose
  2. Launching the Rails app
  3. Mounting a Volume Using Compose and Sharing Images
  4. Starting and stopping services
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