[40%OFF]Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular Coupon-Educative.io

Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular Coupon-Educative.io

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In this course, you will cover all the most important aspects of development with Ionic and Angular. Throughout, you will work to build a fully functional attendance application that you can add to your portfolio.

Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Introduction to Ionic Framework

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Gentle Introduction to Angular

2. Hello Ionic!

  1. Your First Ionic App
  2. Guided Tour of the Ionic-Angular Code
  3. Customise the Code

3. Building an Attendance Application

  1. A10Dance – The Demo App
  2. Creating the New Project
  3. Modifying the Home Page
  4. Custom Students Service
  5. Adding the Roster Page

4. Improving the UI

  1. Adding Functionality to the Student Roster
  2. Action Confirmation via Alert
  3. User Notifications via Toast
  4. Basic Navigation Menu
  5. Seeing the App in Action

5. Apply What You Have Learned

  1. Challenge #1: Modify the “Delete” Toast
  2. Solution #1: Modify the “Delete” Toast
  3. Challenge #2: Modify the Icons
  4. Solution #2: Modify the Icons
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