[40%OFF]Develop an E-Commerce App Using Java ,Spring Boot and Vue.js Coupon-Educative.io

Develop an E-Commerce App Using Java, Spring Boot and Vue.js Coupon-Educative.io

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Every business is moving online. Building customer-facing e-commerce solutions requires full-stack development, involving a backend to handle users, inventory, and payments, and a frontend for customers.

Develop an E-Commerce App Using Java, Spring Boot and Vue.js– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from Develop an E-Commerce App Using Java, Spring Boot and Vue.js

Course Contents

1. Introduction and Project Setup

  1. How to Develop an E-commerce Application
  2. Get Started with the Back-end using Spring Boot
  3. Get Started with Front-end (Vue.js)

2. Building Admin Panel: Backend

  1. Understanding the Back-end Architecture
  2. Design the APIs: Create a Category
  3. Category API: List all Categories and Edit a Category
  4. API to Create a New Product
  5. Task: List All Products and Edit Product

3. Building an Admin Panel: Frontend

  1. Building the UI for Category API: Adding a Category
  2. Building the UI for Category API: Displaying the Categories
  3. Design the Front-end, Load All Data, and Add a Footer/Header
  4. Building the UI for Category API: Editing a Category
  5. Building the UI for Product API: Adding a Product

4. Displaying the Products and Categories For Customers

  1. Build The Homepage
  2. Build the Product Detail Page

5. Sign-Up and Login Backend

  1. MySQL and ExceptionControllerAdvice Integration
  2. Sign-up Integration
  3. Authentication Token
  4. Log in Back-end

6. Sign-Up and Login Frontend

  1. Develop the Sign-up Feature
  2. Develop the Sign-in Feature
  3. Task: Develop the Sign-out Feature

7. Wishlist and Cart Feature: Backend

  1. Wishlist Feature
  2. Add to Cart Feature
  3. Get Cart Items API
  4. Challenge: Implement Delete Cart Items API
  5. Challenge Solution

8. Wishlist and Cart Feature: Frontend

  1. Add to Wishlist Button
  2. The Wishlist Page
  3. Add to Cart Button
  4. Display Cart Items
  5. Challenge: Implement Delete from Cart

9. Stripe Integration

  1. Stripe Checkout Back-end
  2. Stripe Checkout Front-end Integration
  3. Integrate create-checkout-session API

10. Order History: Backend

  1. Save the Order
  2. Fetch Order History of User
  3. Challenge
  4. Challenge Solution

11. Order History: Frontend

  1. Save Order After Checkout
  2. Display Order History
  3. Challenge: Display Order Details for Single Order
  4. Challenge Solution

12. Conclusion

  1. Where to Go from Here?

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