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By the end of this course, we will have a fully functioning game with points and levels. Try it out with your friends and put it in your portfolio for employers to see.

Game Development with JavaScript: Creating Tetris– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from Game Development with JavaScript: Creating Tetris

1. Course Overview

  1. Who is This Course for?

2. Modern JavaScript

  1. Variables and Scope
  2. Classes
  3. Arrow Functions
  4. Template Literals
  5. Spread vs Rest
  6. Destructuring

3. Getting Started With Tetris

  1. Styling the Game
  2. The Board
  3. Canvas

4. Moving Pieces

  1. Tetrominoes
  2. User Interaction
  3. Rotation

5. Game Logic

  1. Collision Detection
  2. Game Loop
  3. Randomizers
  4. Freezing
  5. Clearing Lines

6. Gamification

  1. Proxy
  2. Points
  3. Levels
  4. High Scores

7. Asynchronous JavaScript

  1. Callbacks
  2. Promises
  3. Async and Await
  4. Fetch High Scores

8. Final Words

  1. Conclusion
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