[80% Off]The Beginners 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course Coupon

The Beginners 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course coupon

Get 80% discount on The Beginners 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course course from Udemy.

The Beginners 2022 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course Coupon

Get an exclusive 80% Udemy discount for a limited time

Course Details

Learn to Spot Targeted Email Phishing, Social Engineering Attacks, Hacker Tactics, Browser & Mobile Threats & Much More

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Offer: 80% discount
  3. Total Ratings: 4.7
  4. Organization: Udemy
  5. Course Lenght: 3 hours on-demand video

What You will learn from this course?

  1. You will be trained, on all the ways hackers can socially engineer you, through email, text, calls, browsing, files, mobile phones, connected home devices etc
  2. You will know the human emotions that hackers like to trigger, to trick you into giving them access to your money, personal accounts, systems & company network
  3. You will stop successful social engineering attacks, by spotting red flags in phishing emails, text messages and phone calls
  4. Learn how to securely configure your browser to block malicious scripts, cookies, trackers etc. as well as maintain good privacy/anonymity on the Internet
  5. You will be well versed on how to securely use Windows, Apple Macs, iPhones, Androids etc
  6. You will be visually guided on how to effectively and efficiently manage all your passwords
  7. You will be shown proven and effective cyber security software to keep your systems private and secure
  8. You will confidently manage your emails, business files, computers, mobile devices and Internet browsing
  9. You will feel safe, secure, and private on the Internet

About Course Instructor

Reza Zaheri : He is a cyber security professional with over 18 years of leadership and hands-on experience working Cyber Security with Fortune 100 companies.I have lived and breathed cyber security for a very long time: having spent the first few years of my career conducting numerous security assessments and managing a Security Engineering team, I then moved on fight the bad guys on the cyber front lines for the past 10 years, by directing Digital Forensics and Incident Response teams for Fortune 100 companies.

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