[80% Off]Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners Coupons

Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners Coupons

Get 80% discount on Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners course from Udemy.

Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners Coupons

Get an exclusive 80% Udemy discount for a limited time

Course Details

Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG. Tutorial designed for complete beginners in Selenium testing and automation

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Offer: 80% discount
  3. Total Ratings: 4.6
  4. Organization: Udemy
  5. Course Lenght: 6.5 hours on-demand video

What You will learn from this course?

  1. Set up test automation framework with Selenium WebDriver
  2. Automate your first Selenium WebDriver test
  3. Learn basics of Java for testers
  4. Execute Selenium tests on different browsers
  5. Use TestNG features for better test structure and easy selenium framework maintenance
  6. Recognize different selenium test failures and exceptions and know how to fix and avoid them

About Course Instructor

Dmitry Shyshkin : He helped people grow in their QA careers and earn more by making it easy to learn test automation.He is a Principal Software Development Engineer in Test with over 10 years of test automation experience using Selenium and other test automation tools.Test automation became my passion as soon as he automated his first test. And he had been automating everything, not just tests, since. He automated my job search. He automated flight searches that help me travel cheaper. He love automating and want to share my knowledge with you.

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