[40%OFF]Scalable Web Development in Rust Coupon-Educative.io

Scalable Web Development in Rust Coupon-Educative.io

With Scalable Web Development in Rust you will get a 40% discount on yearly plans and a 20% monthly discount oneducative.io. It is one of the popular courses from educative.io

In this course, you will learn how to use Rust to build scalable websites that are highly performant.

Scalable Web Development in Rust– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Introduction to Rust

  1. Getting Familiar with Rust
  2. Data types
  3. Structs, Traits, and Enums
  4. Ownership

2. Databases

  1. Create Resource
  2. List Resource
  3. Read and Search Resources
  4. Update and Delete Resources

4. Back End

  1. Create Endpoint
  2. List Endpoint
  3. Read and Search Endpoint
  4. Update and Delete Endpoint
  5. Logger, Cors and Sessions

5. Front End

  1. Create and Edit the Page
  2. Create a List Page
  3. Read Page
  4. Yew Router
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