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Concurrency in Ruby is one of the most complex and advanced topics brought up during senior engineering interviews. Knowledge of concurrency and multithreading can put interviewees at a considerable advantage

Ruby Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. The Basics

  1. Introduction
  2. Program vs Process vs Thread
  3. Throughput vs Latency
  4. Critical Sections & Race Conditions

2. API Overview

  1. Creating Threads
  2. … continued
  3. Sleeping and Terminating Threads
  4. Exception Handling in Threads

3. Brief Intro to Asynchronous Programming

  1. Introduction
  2. … continued
  3. Fiber

4. Interview Practice Problems

  1. Implementing Semaphore
  2. Blocking Queue | Bounded Buffer | Consumer Producer
  3. … continued

5. Bonus Questions

  1. Ordered Printing
  2. Printing Number Series (Zero, Even, Odd)
  3. Printing FooBar n Times
  4. Build a Molecule
  5. Fizz Buzz Problem
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