[40% OFF]Python Data Analysis and Visualization Coupon-Educative.io

Python Data Analysis and Visualization Coupon-Educative.io

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This course assumes no prior experience and can teach anyone how to use Python to analyze and visualize data. Stop using Excel and start harnessing the power of Python.

Python Data Analysis and Visualization– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. What is Analytics

  1. Introduction to Analytics
  2. Analytics in Python

2. Python Basics for Analytics

  1. Getting Started
  2. Data Structures
  3. Control Flow and Built-in Functions
  4. Numpy an External Library
  5. Scipy an External Library

3. Reading Data

  1. Comma Separated Files
  2. JSON Files
  3. Raw Files
  4. Exercise: Reading Auto MPG Dataset
  5. Solution Review: Reading Auto MPG Dataset

4. Describing Data

  1. Statistics and Counts
  2. Reshaping the Data
  3. Exercise: Group By Aggregations
  4. Solution Review: Group By Aggregations

5. Cleaning Data

  1. Missing Data
  2. Outliers
  3. Scaling
  4. Categorical Data
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