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Learn Data Science with Bash Shell

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2500+ students have taken this innovative project-based data learning course (includes video lectures). It demonstrates the use of Bash shell (Bash, sed and awk including RegEx) in processing textual data.

Learn Data Science with Bash Shell– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Course Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Bash?

2. Project 1: Analyzing the ‘US News’ University Ranking Data

  1. Unirank: Data Preview (head, pipe and csvlook)
  2. Find the colleges in the ranklist (grep, pipe and wc)
  3. Finding the percent of colleges in the ranklist (wc, grep)
  4. Listing the Institutes from a given state (grep)
  5. Test your skills

3. Project 2: Facebook Data Mining

  1. FB: Data Preview (csvstat, csvcut, head, cat)
  2. Finding the number of status entry (csvcut, sort, uniq)
  3. Find the most popular status entry (awk, sort, cat, csvcut, head)
  4. Finding the most popular entry (Bash function)
  5. Test your skills

4. Project 3: Australian Cities Crime Statistics

  1. AU Crime Stats: Introduction
  2. Data Preview
  3. Row and Columns Statistics (sed, wc, head, cat)
  4. Finding the top most crime in the whole country (sort, tail, awk)

5. Project 4: Shakespearean-era plays and poems data mining

  1. Plays and Poems: Data Preview (cat, cut, head and csvlook)
  2. Counting the Plays and Poems (head, sed, grep, wc)
  3. Finding plays/poems by each author (sed, sort, uniq, head)
  4. Finding the most frequent words by Shakespeare
  5. Project Summary
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