[40% OFF]Getting Started with Algolia API Coupon – Educative.io

Getting Started with Algolia API Coupon – Educative.io

With Getting Started with Algolia API you will get a 40% discount on yearly plans and a 20% monthly discount oneducative.io. It is one of the popular courses from educative.io

In this course, you will learn how the Algolia API works by understanding its main components

Getting Started with Algolia API Coupon– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from Getting Started with Algolia API

  1. Introduction to Algolia
  2. Overview of Algolia
  3. Algolia Setup
  4. Sending and Managing Data in Algolia
  5. Sending Data to the Algolia Server
  6. Managing Data with Algolia
  7. Managing Data by Adding Custom Ranking to Our Search Results
  8. Step by Step Implementation
  9. Composition of the Search Component
  10. Implementing a Search Box and Results Component
  11. Implementing a Highlight Component
  12. Implementing the Stats component
  13. Implementing Filter and the Clear Filter Component
  14. Implementing the Pagination Component
  15. Extending Algolia’s Widgets
  16. Extending Algolia’s Widgets
  17. Test Yourself on Algolia API
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