[80% Off]Docker 101 – 10 Day Hackathon Coupon

Docker 101 - 10 Day Hackathon Coupon

Get 80% discount on Docker 101 – 10 Day Hackathon course from Udemy.

Docker 101 – 10 Day Hackathon Coupon

Get exclusive 80% Udemy discount for a limited time

Course Details

Get in Depth / Hands-ON understanding of Docker engine & implementation in 10 days. ONE STOP for all Docker basics.

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Offer: 80% discount
  3. Total Ratings: 4.5
  4. Organization: Udemy
  5. Course Lenght: 5.5 hours on-demand video

What You will learn from this course?

  1. Understand the basics of how docker/containers work
  2. Use community tools to test docker and create POC without even installing Docker
  3. Get hands on with Docker commands and processes
  4. Create nginx webservers, wordpress websites, three tier architecture based websites etc
  5. Learn how docker swarm can be used to orchestrate containers
  6. Learn how Docker for Azure & AWS works
  7. Learn how docker stack & docker compose can be used for scripting entire environments.
  8. Learn how docker Stack can spin up entire environment with one command.
  9. Understand how docker works under the hood.
  10. Understand how Namespaces / C groups work for resource allocation / isolation

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