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Data Analytics Interview Prep Using Pandas

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In this course, you will face a number of challenges across different concepts, all with the data analytics library Pandas.

Data Analytics Interview Prep Using Pandas– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Course Introduction

  1. What Should You Expect from This Course?
  2. Datasets

2. Selection / Filters

  1. Introducing Selection & Filters in Pandas
  2. Basic Filtering
  3. Challenge: Multiple Filters
  4. Filtering by a List/String Filters
  5. Challenge: String Filters

3. Grouping

  1. Introduction to Grouping
  2. Challenge 1: Sum of Plays per Country (Trivial)
  3. Challenge 2: Sum of Plays per Country + Genre (Trivial)
  4. Challenge 3: Countries with >1000 Plays (Easy)

4. Dates Manipulation

  1. Introduction to Dates Manipulation
  2. Challenge 1: Count of Dates in Month (Trivial)
  3. Challenge 2: Count within Date Range (Trivial)
  4. Challenge 3: Generate Dates (Easy)
  5. Challenge 4: Grouping/Resampling By Month (Difficult)
  6. Final Quiz
  7. Summary & Other Concepts

5. Apply / Map

  1. Introduction to Using Apply/Map in Pandas
  2. Challenge 1: Mapping Countries to Continents (Trivial)
  3. Challenge 2: Band Initials (Trivial)
  4. Challenge 3: Is the Band Popular? (More Complex Function) (Easy)
  5. Challenge 4: Sales (Medium)
  6. Final Quiz
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