[80% Off]Cisco New CCNA (200-301): DELUXE Coupon

[80% Off]Cisco New CCNA (200-301): DELUXE Coupon

Get 80% discount on Cisco New CCNA (200-301): DELUXE course from Udemy.

Cisco New CCNA (200-301): DELUXE Coupon

Get an exclusive 80% Udemy discount for a limited time

Course Details

This course will NOT only prepare you for the new CCNA 200-301, but it will also prepare you for the interview process

  1. Language: English (US)
  2. Offer: 80% discount
  3. Total Ratings: 4.7
  4. Organization: Udemy
  5. Course Lenght: 27 hours on-demand video

What You will learn from this course?

  1. Student will learn about Cisco Routers and Switches and their configurations using various protocols.
  2. They will also learn about IP Addressing, Subnetting, VLSM, Route Summarization and its purpose.
  3. Students will learn about Wireless Networks and Security.
  4. They will also be learning security fundamentals for all types of networks.
  5. Students will be Learning the Automation and Program-ability used in Networking.
  6. They will also learn in great detail, important factors to include terminology in a Networking Environment.

About Course Instructor

Lazaro Diaz : If you are tired of the same old methods of learning and want someone that is pretty much unconventional, but at the same time will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience in layman’s terms…then please preview my courses and you will discover that I am your guy.I am a Network Engineer with many years in the field and in the teaching industry.So, if anyone can get you certified it’s me.My teaching experience stems from teaching at institutions like Palm Beach Community College, New Horizons, Florida Career College (now Anthem College) and The Academy of South Florida not to mention that I also do private consulting.

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