[40%OFF]Big-O Notation For Coding Interviews and Beyond Coupon Educative.io

Big-O Notation For Coding Interviews and Beyond Coupon Educative.io

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This course is intended for professionals that lack formal education in computer science, and that are in search of a simple and practical guide to algorithmic complexity.

Big-O Notation For Coding Interviews and Beyond– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Basics

  1. Introduction
  2. Need for Speed
  3. Analyzing Algorithms
  4. Analyzing Algorithms Part II

2. Formal Analysis Tools

  1. Functions and Their Growth
  2. Theta Notation
  3. Big O and Big Omega Notations
  4. Small omega and Small o Notations
  5. Problem Set 2
  6. Solution Set 2

3. Recursive

  1. Recurrence
  2. Recurrence Part II
  3. Binary Search – Recursive Implementation
  4. Permutations
  5. Dynamic Programming

4. Data-Structures

  1. Array
  2. Linked List
  3. Hash Table
  4. Doubly Linked List

5. Amortized Analysis

  1. Cost Over Sequence of Operations
  2. Dynamic Array
  3. Fancy Stack
  4. Problem Set 5
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