[40%OFF]A Programmer’s Guide to AWS S3 CouponEducative.io

A Programmer’s Guide to AWS S3 CouponEducative.io

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading provider of cloud computing services and hosting solutions.

A Programmer’s Guide to AWS S3– Developer Discount

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Here is what you will Learn from A Programmer’s Guide to AWS S3

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction About This Course
  3. Get Started with S3
  4. Introduction to Simple Storage Service
  5. Understand Buckets
  6. Understand Objects and Related Terminologies
  7. Different Storage Classes in S3
  8. S3 Pricing
  9. Quiz: Get Started With S3
  10. Work with S3
  11. Understand Bucket Naming Rules
  12. Create Our First Bucket
  13. Upload an Object
  14. Download, Move, and Delete Objects
  15. Additional High-Level S3 Commands
  16. Set up Bucket and Object Permissions
  17. Understand Bucket Policies
  18. Understand Access Control Lists
  19. Presigned URLs
  20. Quiz – Work With S3
  21. Static Web Hosting Using S3
  22. S3 URL Breakdown
  23. Enable Static Web Hosting
  24. Static Website Configuration Using the AWS CLI
  25. Custom Error Document Configuration
  26. Quiz: Static Web Hosting Using S3
  27. Manage and Monitor S3
  28. Server Access Logging
  29. Understand Lifecycle Rules
  30. Configure Lifecycle Rules Using the AWS Console
  31. Configure Lifecycle Rules Using the AWS CLI
  32. CloudTrail Logging
  33. S3 Monitoring Using CloudWatch
  34. Work with S3 Event Notifications
  35. Quiz: Manage and Monitor S3
  36. Appendix
  37. Install and Configure the AWS CLI
  38. Conclusion
  39. Course Conclusion and Next Steps
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