[40% OFF]Bash for Programmers Java Coupon-Educative.io

Bash for Programmers Java Coupon-Educative.io

With Bash for Programmers Java you will get a 40% discount on yearly plans and a 20% monthly discount oneducative.io. It is one of the popular courses from educative.io

Ever wondered why command line is still in use even when there are hundreds of human-friendly GUI’s and tools available?

Bash for Programmers Java– Developer Discount

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What will you learn from this course?

1. Introduction to Bash

  1. What is Shell?
  2. Introduction to Linux
  3. Getting Meta Information in Bash

2. Navigation Commands

  1. Pathnames in Bash
  2. Symbolic Links & Hard Links

3. File Manipulation Commands

  1. Create a File in Bash
  2. Remove a File in Bash
  3. Open/Display Content of a File
  4. Move Files in a Directory

4. Permission Commands

  1. What are Permissions?
  2. Set/Remove Permissions in Bash
  3. Quick Quiz!

5. Filtering & Searching Commands

  1. Searching in Bash
  2. Sorting File Contents in Order
  3. Viewing Beginning and Ending Contents of Files
  4. Filtering Repeated Lines Out
  5. Regular Expressions (Regex)
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